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About Us

We know from experience that your priorities are On Time Delivery, Quality, Performance & Value.  Renaissance custom vinyl windows and doors are locally manufactured in our state-of-the-art Jacksonville, Florida facility using advanced equipment and technology. 

Our mission is to give our customers the positive buying experience they deserve and expect from start to finish.


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Vinyl Windows - 8500 Series

Our custom 8500 series windows are specifically designed, manufactured and tested to meet tough FL coastal wind-borne debris hurricane impact requirements and codes. Our vinyl has been tested in the harshest environments and will not fade or chalk even after years of sun and weather exposure. 

Renaissance vinyl windows are the right choice for color fastness, higher thermal efficiency, and UV protection in the Southern Climate.

Vinyl Sliding Glass " Patio" Doors - 9500 Series

Our 9500 series Sliding Glass “patio” doors offer many advantages over traditional door options including panoramic views, increased light, ventilation and maximized space.

Voted an industry “best design patio door,” our vinyl sliding glass doors feature adjustable tandem steel rollers for quiet “high use” operation as well as high performance tempered glass and a Mortise lock system for increased security  and hurricane weather resistance.