Vinyl Sliding Patio Door - 9500 Series - FL #31130

home interior sliding patio door


Our 9500 series Patio door (sliding glass door) offers many advantages over traditional door options including panoramic views, increased natural light, ventilation and maximized space.  These beautiful doors easily integrate your interior living spaces with the outdoors.  An industry “best,” this patio door is designed for quiet “high-use” operation and safety providing increased peace of mind.  Our custom sliding glass doors are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, grille patterns & styles.

Sliding Patio Door - Features & Options

  • MikronBlend® Vinyl tested to surpass strict industry standards for color fastness, high thermal efficiency, and UV protection in Southern climates.
  • 1″ insulated high-performance Low E Glass with Duralite® warm- edge spacer helps control heat transfer for comfort, clarity, and lower energy costs.
  • Mortise Lock system surpassing forced entry tests for additional security.
  • Durable moving panel with adjustable high performance tandem rollers customizable for width and height.
  • Multi-chambered high performance re-enforced metal frame stands up to extreme wind and weather.
  • Exterior glaze frame.
  • Argon gas option available.
  • Impact and Non-impact option available.
  • Two, three, and four-track options available.

Available Options