Single Hung

Single Hung Windows

Our classic vinyl Single Hung windows allow for several aesthetic combinations creating unique and beautiful features.  This style window opens from the bottom with a fixed top sash and operable/tilt bottom sash and pairs nicely with our vinyl fixed window, a customer favorite.  These windows are ergonomically designed for energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and trouble free operation.  Our custom single hung windows come in a wide range of colors, sizes, grille patterns & styles.

Why Choose Our Single Hung Windows?

  • This product features MikronBlend® vinyl tested to surpass strict industry standards, and offers color fastness, high thermal efficiency, and UV protection, a necessity in Southern climates.
  • Standard 3/4″ insulated high-performance Low E glass combined with the Duralite® warm-edge spacer helps control heat transfer for comfort, clarity, and lower energy costs.
  • A reinforced, overlapping & interlocking meeting rail provides a metal surface for locking hardware mounting screws to prevent sagging and improve weather resistance.
  • The Tilt-in sash is great for easy cleaning.
  • A standard durable low profile metal cam lock with metal keeper offers a clean design and maximum security.
  • The multi-chambered high performance re-enforced metal frame stands up to extreme wind and weather offering impact resistance in the ever-changing southern climate.
  • Double Wall glazing towers, Dual-fin weather-stripping and exterior glaze frame results in superior air and water infiltration resistance.
  • Impact and Non-impact option available.
  • Continuous head and sill available.
  • Integral nail fin, box frame & flange options available.
  • Multi-lite window configurations using a single frame available.

Single Hung Window - Available Options